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My Sister In Law is 19

This is great...I watch it again and again but never put it in here...why? considered it was my fault ^___^ too excited to review latest drama and movie until I've forgot about this one...well actually there is many but I'll start with this one...

It was a 2005 drama but still I'll say it's good...with the cast especially the Late Jung Da bin...Yoon Kye Sang and Kim Jae Woon...well that's great...

What I like about this drama is how the their relationship begin...starting with a fight, friendship, believeness...admiration...that's sort of things which actually happened everyday, everyway and almost everytime in our daily life....maybe to one of us...

Why did I think this drama was good...hmm I just don't know...maybe it was the character...actually everyone in this drama have bring the character so well...they show us how some people act differently, how some people control their emotion, how some people look so calm at the outside but an evil in the inside...those kind of character that make me think this drama was good...

It might not a great drama that you would mind to remember like Full House, or My Girl, or Coffee Prince but still it has it's own way to captured your heart...You don't have to think much how unrealistic this drama could be coz none of the drama I've watch seems real though but still I'll say some plot seems lack of something and the ending wasn't much as I expected but still watching it was least for I say it wasn't a superb drama that you'll remember but still it was nice...if you're thinking of watching it...I'll suggest you borrowed it from someone else...buying it might ok for a person like me...coz I love to collect...but if you're buying it just to watch it and don't want to complain about better not...coz as I say the ending wasn't as what you might expected....


Four-year-old Zheng Hui Yuan was abandoned by Mdm Lin and Mdm Song, who tried to abscond with the money that her mother left behind. Hui Yuan's father had disappeared and her mother had passed away shortly after that. Out of greed, Mdm Lin and Mdm Song decided to take the money and Mdm Lin left Hui Yuan on the train.

15 years have passed and Mdm Lin is doing well and has three children. Mdm Song is constantly relying on men to get her way and her daughter Xiu Zhi, who was Hui Yuan's good friend, constantly yearns for family love.

Hui Yuan is now called Han Yu Min and she has a younger brother Zheng Biao from her adoptive parents. Her adoptive parents have abandoned both of them and Yu Min is left to take care of her brother who has kidney failure.

By a stroke of luck, Yu Min meets Sheng Zhe, Mdm Lin's second son who was running away from home with Mdm Lin's precious dog ShaSha. He meets Yu Min and ends up staying over at her place as he is unable to pay her money that he owes for causing her to lose some fish that she was planning to sell. They start out hating each other but Sheng Zhe slowly begins to empathise with her tough life and tougher spirit and soon learns about her sad past.

Coincidently, the doctor treating Zheng Biao whom Yu Min is in love with is Min Zhe, Mdm Lin's eldest son. He however is waiting for his first love to come back and ends up making an agreement with Yu Min to pose as his fiancée to stop his mother's matchmaking.

Mdm Lin thinks that Yu Min is a 22 year old graduate but in reality she is only 19. She ends up staying at the Lins' house as she was not able to pay the rent for her house and through Zheng Biao's help manages to attend school again.

Mdm Song has been constantly trying to threaten Mdm Lin into giving her financial help and Mdm Song's daughter Xiu Zhi is disgusted with the life that her mother and her have to live. Xiu Zhi happens to be studying in the same school as Yu Min as well as Sheng Zhe. Xiu Zhi had witnessed what had happened 15 years ago and recognizes Yu Min from a teddy bear that Yu Min's father had given them when they were young. At the same time, Yu Min's father, who had actually met with an accident 15 years ago and lost his memory, learns from his father that he has a daughter and a wife, and manages to locate Xiu Zhi. Xiu Zhi becomes jealous and lies to Yu Min's father that Yu Min had died when she was 10 as she wants Yu Min's father for herself.

Meanwhile, Mdm Lin learns that Yu Min is only 19 and comes from a poor background and she chases both siblings out of the house. Yu Min and her brother disappear for 5 years while Sheng Zhe and Min Zhe search frantically for them.

After 5 years, Xiu Zhi and Mdm Song successfully win over Yu Min's father's trust and love. Yu Min's father treats Xiu Zhi like his daughter and gives her a good job in his company. Meanwhile Min Zhe manages to find Yu Min before Sheng Zhe and this causes Sheng Zhe to feel that he and Yu Min are not meant to be together.

Out of spite, Mdm Song asks Yu Min's dad to do business with Mdm Lin and Mdm Lin, upon realizing Yu Min's father is back, gets a shock of her life.

So the story goes on to tell how all the lies and deceit get exposed and how Yu Min gets reunited with her father. But what pains her the most are that it is the mother of the two men that she love the most that had abandoned her and that her best playmate since young was the one that had betrayed her.

In the end however, Yu Min's dad finally lets go of his anger and allows Yu Min to be with Sheng Zhe, whom she finally realizes that she loves.

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