Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Couple or Trouble

Just finish watching this drama...have nothing much to say about it was cool of coz...just like My Sassy Girl...this is great...

What I like about the writers is...they always show us the rough and the unlike side that women or girl could be...just like this one...The character that was supposed to be hated the most seems to be the character that I like the most...

These series is a re-make of the Goldie Hawn - Kurt Russell movie 'Overboard', released on 1987.

Naturally Han Yeseul (who had lived in the US before) takes the Goldie Hawn role.

In the original movie Goldie Hawn, a spoiled heiress, ends up taking care of Kurt Russell's four boys after losing her memory. To make it more palatable to Korean audience, in this drama the boys are not the man's son, but nephews.

In typical passion of the writers, two more original characters appear, Kim Sungmin (aka Kim Sungtaek), playing Han Yesle's husband, and Park Hanbyul. 


Anna Cho (Han Yeseul), the bratty daughter of a rich Korean-American developer, goes to Korea to find her henpecked Harvard-educated husband Billy Park(Kim Sungmin), who was not returning back to US for a long time. 

In the process she meets Jang Chulsoo (Oh Jiho), a handyman who was raising three nephews. 

Chulsoo is not a typical K-drama male lead; he is very money-hungry, and is something of a con man. After some incidents, Anna loses her memory and ends up in Chulsoo's place, where the story develops. 

The name Anna Cho (pronounced Anna Joh, which in Korean custom becomes Jo-anna) is a play on Goldie Hawn's character Joanna Stayton in the original Overboard.

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