Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Thought: Han Ye Sul Leaving Myung Wol The Spy

Seems like things will not going smoothly for the entire crew and cast of 'Myung Wol The Spy'. With Han Ye Sul dropping her role half way and currently staying in LA I don't think 'Myung Wol The Spy' can go through everything without having an impact.

I'm not going to judge Han Ye Sul over what she did. All I've been reading this days is only written or spoken by one side. Han Ye Sul hasn't yet drop any sign to explain the reason for her sudden actions. And for now I'll just stay believe that she have been through harsh time more than we can imagine.

She is not being professional while handling these matters but I wonder if being professional will really resolve the problems. She might complaint about her working hours and so on. But this is not the first time I've heard actors or actresses complaint about it either. Before, Moon Geun Young also stated it clear while receiving her awards on KBS, that the producers and the entire entertainment industry need to consider about their working hour, it's not just about the actors its about the entire crew.

It's about time for Korean entertainment industry to look thoroughly over the matters. There is thousands of Korean people who eagerly want to be a stars but in this kind of situations there is no way the same problems won't arise again. 


So Han Ye Sul decides to rejoin the crew once again. And I'm happy to know that, for whatever reason that we don't know I just hope things doing okay with her and the drama.

I just don't understand people who bashing, hate and criticizing her. Not that I agree with her but it's not okay to simply blame her. 

One ask me, "if she was in your team what would you do? forgive her?" 

How should I answer that? I wonder why do I have to be part of the team... why don't put me in HYS shoes? will I bow my head and says okay to everything? will you? as I can see... those people who bashing her and telling her how to do her work will definitely leave the team too.

If telling the team that this is not okay, this is not right and still no action is taken will I stay in that team? seriously, if you have your own career and know what you want, you'll know the answer.

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  1. I completely agree with you though I have to admit, this is one of the best dramas I've watched so far...