Wednesday, August 17, 2011

‘1N2D’ PD Na Young Suk denies that he’s leaving the show

The PD of ‘1 Night 2 Days‘, Na Young Suk, has made an official statement: he is staying with KBS.

During a phone interview with Newsen, PD Na declared, “I want to make this clear. I have no plans to transfer to a different broadcasting company; I will stay with KBS to continue ‘1N2D’.”

Rumors regarding PD Na’s transfer in addition to the news of MC Kang Ho Dong’s eventual withdrawal from ‘1N2D’ caused quite the commotion. Reportedly, PD Na was offered the equivalent of $3 million U.S. dollars to transfer to a different company.

“I worked until three in the morning last night preparing for our new episode and I heard the bizarre news earlier this morning. I am not leaving. I will continue ‘1N2D’ because I too am employed by KBS and will do the best I can in the position given to me,” he stated.

“I don’t even know how these rumors even begin circulating,” he continued. “It is true that I have been receiving phone calls about different offers, but it wouldn’t make sense for me to leave ‘1N2D’.”

When asked why he waited so long to officially respond to these rumors, he remarked, “No clear decisions have been made regarding Kang Ho Dong’s last ‘1N2D’ shoot or his next career move. I was cautious in making any comments regarding his situation or mine. I didn’t want to make things any more confusing or difficult for the fans.”

In closing, he clearly stated: “I am determined to stay with ‘1N2D’ and will not waver in my decision.” He then laughed as he joked, “So this is why all these celebrities have Twitter!”

Source: Newsen via Nate
* LOL Na PD it's about time for you to have a twitter account too. 
Glad that he will stay. Na PD Daebak!

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  1. very pleased that you commit to stay in 1N2D.