Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MC Mong expresses his feelings through first official press conference

On April 19th, rapper MC Mong held his official press conference at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Hongeun-dong and revealed his feelings to an audience of 200 reporters on his trials that have been taking place for the past 10 months.

His report was as follows:

“I would like to begin by apologizing to the citizens of Korea for disturbing society. All this while, I've been running according to so many schedules, and it’s true that I had fear of enlisting in the army. The enlistment of a celebrity is taken very sensitively by my agency, so I had no option but to follow their decisions.

However, I have absolutely no excuses to make in the face of the thoughtless way I handled my duty to national defense. I would like to apologize once more time.
It is not true that I brought damage to my teeth in order to earn an exemption from the military.
On the internet post that netizens discovered, I would like to say that it was just written from the viewpoint of one man out of the many that must enlist. If I had truly seek a way to earn an exemption, I would not have written it under my own ID. At the time I wrote the post, I did not think that it would bring about such big misunderstandings.
I had left my teeth in pain for so long that the pain just became a part of my life. It was hard at first because of the financial difficulties my family was going through, as well as my busy schedule, which didn't warrant any time for me to get treatment. I was also embarrassed about the fact that I was in pain.
Under the advice of my dentist, who told me that my teeth would not only give me aesthetic problems, but detrimental to my health as well, he put in nine needles while under a general anesthesia. He had told me that it wouldn't hurt if I was under general anesthesia, so after much hesitation, I agreed to the operation. However, I have not gotten not even one implant since that procedure, and am just living with needles.
Because I believe that I must do my best for the people that love me, I have been taking full participation in investigations. Unfortunately, I do feel that I am guilty against the citizens of this nation for inflicting such wounds. This is not an attempt to earn popularity or public sentiment. I merely want to be confident with myself in the face of my duties to our national defense.
In order for myself to enlist in the army, I must be judged guilty, but I cannot say I did something that I did not do. That is why, at this moment, I am unsure of what decision I need to make. I can’t do this and I can’t do that.

I’ve undergone a lot of trauma and pain through my trials, but it was an opportunity for me to grow. I will be working against my arrogance with the heart of dedication in order to fill what I lack. I would like to apologize once again for harming the hearts of our nation’s people, as well as my industry seniors and juniors.”

Source: Economic Star Daily News via Nate & Allkpop

* Feel sad about this.

Is it so hard for netizens to show some forgiveness to him?
I wonder if this is going to happen to their own family... how would they react... what will they do?
punish them? kick them out of their house? kill them?

Just because he is MC Mong... they try to kill him multiple times, just because he is MC Mong they react differently... just because he is MC Mong the public figure they point their fingers and put all the blame on him.

He is wrong but it doesn't mean he's the bad people. At least he do try to do good deeds... at least he really try hard to be good. 

Seriously... if its not because I fancy Korean culture... I don't think I can accept the way they think. But still I can't react that way coz I'm not in the position to judge... but still kind of disappointed with it.

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