Monday, April 11, 2011

MC Mong’s draft dodging case finally comes to a close

Rapper MC Mong’s infamous legal battle over accusations of intentional draft dodging finally came to a close on April 11th. The verdict? MC Mong has been sentenced to six months of imprisonment, probation for one year, and 120 hours of community service.

The court acknowledged that there was a delay in his military enlistment, however, they were unable to determine whether the star was guilty for extracting teeth for the purpose of avoiding his military draft.

Investigators came forward to state, 

“We were not convinced that he didn't know of his delayed enlistment, and we are certain of our conclusions and subsequent charges.”

So would MC Mong have to serve with the military later in the future?

A representative of the Office of Military Manpower Administration stated, 

“Although he has been convicted for interfering with a government official in the execution of his duties, he was cleared on accusations of violating military service laws. Therefore, the Military Manpower Administration cannot take further action. He must be convicted of charges for violating the military service act in order to be illegible for a draft retest. The exempt status is still valid for this case.”

Regardless of the verdict, MC Mong has suffered greatly physically and emotionally since the trial begun and an uncertain future awaits him in the entertainment scene.

Source: TV Report via Nate & Allkpop

* The good news about this news is... it's over. Mc Mong might still need to fight his feelings about this, but still he can now feel at ease, he don't have to go through all this again and again. I hope he'll get back on his feet and moving forwards. 

Be strong!
6 month... you know time is moving so just keep moving
1 year probation... consider it as someone is babysitting you, all u have to do is be good
120 hours community services... with your experience in 2D1N... you'll pass it. 
So, Mong-aaa~ 
make sure to stand strong and be healthy. Nothing can stop you... and COME BACK!

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  1. Please don't stop making music! Don't let this get to you. Love you!

  2. MC Mong fighting!!! it's good to see that his manager Hunseok has been by his side all this while :')