Monday, April 25, 2011

Lee Ji Ah Personal Information Hidden Well

Lee Ji-ah seems to have hidden her personal information from drama staff as well.

MBC TV "Section TV" delivered news about singer Seo Taiji and actress Lee Ji-ah who are currently in the middle of a lawsuit for alimony and division of possessions.

A phone call was made with someone who uploaded writing about Seo Taiji's mother-in-law. "A singing instructor said she was Seo Taiji's mother-in-law calling him Jeong and said he was in America with her daughter".

A staff of a program Lee Ji-ah was in talked about her mysterious past, "I requested for information about her to pay her but her side never gave an answer back. Even when we needed her passport to go overseas they wouldn't give it so they paid from their own pocket".

The period of division of possession in three years and while Seo Taiji claims they were divorced in 2006, Lee Ji-ah claims it was 2009. But information showed in the recent documents that the divorce came through in 2006.


Lee Ji –ah and Seo Taiji's American divorce sentencing has been revealed.

The American sentencing of Lee Ji-ah and Seo Taiji was revealed on the MBC weekend News Desk on the 24th of April.

Lee Ji-ah filed for divorce at the domestic relations in Santa Monica in 2006. In the sentence she is supposed to give up financial support. Also, it states that she ends adjustment of alimony.

In the records it shows that Lee Ji-ah renamed herself from Kim Sang-eun to 'Ji-ah Lee'. The sentencing is dated to June 12th 2006 and the divorce took effect on the 9th of August.

Lee Ji-ah is currently claiming for 5 hundred million in alimony and 5 billion in possessions. Her side is claiming that the divorce took effect from 2009 and that they lived together until February of 2004.

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