Sunday, June 21, 2009

“We Got Married” couple becomes a real-life couple!

Surprise, surprise! The “We Got Married” lovebirds that are currently dating are Jun Jin & Lee Shi-young. Who knew this show could produce an actual couple? Of course, the most popular first generation couples, such as Andy &SolbiCrown J & Suh In-young, and Hwang-bo Hyun-joong, are the fan favorites that many wished would blossom into real-life romance, but one should not forget that this is a reality show, which means that it is completely fake.


Apparently, ahjusshi Jun Jin and Gundam lover Lee Shi-young developed genuine good feelings for one another, while filming “We Got Married” and collaborating together on Jun Jin’s “Fascination” album.

Lee Shi-young’s representative stated that “it is true that the two are seeing each other, but it is known that they have not come to a stage where they are a couple yet.” This most likely means that they haven’t hit the precious 100 day mark yet, but if all goes well, “We Got Married” may someday live up to its name.


* It's been a while... I came back after realize that finally someone getting real... How I wish they were 'the one' that I hope to be real...

However, it really feel great... it makes some fans  wish and pray even harder for their fav. couple to be together... I guess I'm one of them. 

And popseoul had opened some voting on which couple had real sparks... and currently the results shows... 

Andy & Solbi 14% (1062 votes)
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I love how the fan still have faith on Joongbo...

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  1. I think Kangin and Yoon-ji had sparksssss.! :]