Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mc Mong Look alike

Mc Mong

Lee Chang Min (2 AM)

I don't really care about the look... 
After all I really adore Mc Mong ^^

Don't really know about Lee Chang Min... all I know is he have a great vocal. Maybe I put too much attention to Jo Kwon LoL.

An additional for the similarities between the two is...
both can cook so well...  like it ^^

But this two people really look alike ^^

What Do You Think?:

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  1. I think so too :O They reallly really look alike~!
    I don't care about looks either. I really love Changmin (the opposite of you xD) & I don't know much about MC Mong but I really like him everytime I see him in a program. Sometimes if I see them from afar in a program I have to look closely sometimes to see which it is (A)