Friday, June 19, 2009

My Mother The Mermaid 2004

First, It was back to 2004 movies... but still I think it's good.
I don't even know why I watched it at first but after a while I got attached to it, not that it was so great but because I was trying to figure out what kind of mermaid the mother are LoL.But this movie do have something to show us... the moral value is there and if you're a person who have interest in family value, lost and found or love or hates... it was good. 

Jeon Do-yeon was perfect as mother and daughter... 

Quoted from:

By chance, she falls into a mysterious world. Na-young works at a post office and is sick and tired of being around her shamefully unyielding mother and her pushover father who's excessively nice. The only thing that she can look forward to is her trip abroad in a few days. 

But one day, her father leaves home without any notice. Her mother doesn't care what happens to him and doesn't care to look for him. Na-young has no choice but to give up her dream trip abroad and to search for her father instead. Once she arrives at her parents' hometown, Na-young is shocked to meet someone she'd never expect, even in her dreams. 

She meets her 20-year old mother. The person who appears before Na-young is her 20-year old mother, Yeon-soon, who looks just like Na-young. The world that Na-young falls into is the time and place her mother lived in 30 years ago. Yeon-soon thinks of her future daughter, Na-young, as her friend and treats her very nice. Na-young is shocked over her mother's pure and innocent appearance, which is totally different from what her mother will be years later. Na-young so happens to live there with her mother, Yeon-soon, and soon after she discovers that her mother has an unrequited love for a young postman. The postman, who rides a bicycle with his glittering eyes, is none other than her father Jin-kook.

After falling into this mysterious world, Na-young gets tangled up in the middle of the love that unfolds between her mother and father.

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