Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Singer Se7en Wednesday confessed his love for actress Park Han-byul.

Singer Se7en Wednesday confessed his love for actress Park Han-byul.

The K-pop artist acknowledged on his personal blog that widespread rumors about the union had not been groundless.

"It is true that I and Park Han-byul have been more than just friends for more than seven years since we debuted. I sincerely apologize for having had to deny the rumors," Se7en said in an online message, titled "Let me tell you everything."

"We have been best friends since senior year at high school. Our friendship has remained strong and gradually turned into love."

Se7en, 24, and Park attended the same high school. He explained that he kept their relationship secret to protect Park's privacy. Se7en denied the courtship when photos of them dating were recently leaked from her private Internet message board.

Se7en became a household name in 2003 with his debut album, "Just Listen" He made his acting debut in 2007 in "Prince Hours," the sequel of the mega-hit drama, "Princess Hours," but the ratings for the series were poor. He has tried to enter the American music market, but has yet to find success.

Park made her acting debut in the 2003 hit horror film, "Wishing Stairs.'"She is also the star of the new film, "Yoga School.''

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Feel happy for them... I won't blame them to keep it as a secret... 

They won't make it long if they've announce it earlier... 

I hate the fact that every one thought they own that person just because they're a fan

Artist or not as a person they have their right to decide which way to go even to whom they'll say "ILU".

Right or wrong it's not us to judge... 

All I wanna say is... be happy and live u're life.

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