Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lee Jun Ki

Smile ^___^

I'm starting my "Man with Pretty Face" section today... that's mean soon there will be many pictures of them all over my blog hehehe

I have a major crush to someone who have the sweet smile... 
and it seems like no matter how hard I think... I've met only few people with sweet smile...

I believe the sweetest smile is a smile that come from the heart.

Today my first favorite pretty face who have that sweet smile is Lee Jun Ki

let see him in various faces.

What Do You Think?:


  1. he is so cool....i love his pics.,,i wish he has a movie with lee min ho.

  2. Lee Jun Ki and lee min ho..... Saranghae!
    Just kidding, I don't like the 'crazy fangirl' style even though I am one. I mean I'm not obsessed......
    Well if any of you want to see an amazing drama from lee Jun Ki check out Time Between Dog and Wolf.