Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kkotboda Namja [꽃보다 남자] Boys Before Flower 1st Episode.

The first episode look great to me... even when people keep complaining about GHS act... I just don't understand why... well maybe because I'm the only one who didn't watch the Japanese version so I don't have a clue what so bad about GHS. And I'm glad that I don't have to compared her with anyone even Da S. I guess I still believe different people will bring different character... and I like GHS character in this drama coz she look tough and her face expression quite cute hehehe. 

The F4... no words to describe them... the body language really show us how rich they are... and I like that coz I don't have to think much in what part they'll be lacking on coz they really make me think that they're rich people who act like a rich people hahaha. I don't really know how to put it in words... 

After watching the first episode I really think that that all the character fit well and look good... I'm not judging them by their look coz as always we'll find the actors are good looking no doubt about that. I'm more into the story line and the way they take the role... as far as I can say... it's good. It's just episode 1 so nothing much to say yet but I think I have this drama in my fav. list from now on.

Some Screen Cap:

The reason why she got a chance to attend the school...

The Family... they're cute and funny

First time meet with Yun Ji Hu

The reason why Jan Di Hated Jun Pyo...

First meet with Gu Jun Pyo

and the whole F4 members...

That smile make me wanna die hahaha

Ginger, Sunny and Miranda... (whatever)
Some faces that make this drama even good hehehe 
the devil should be around so it's okay with me...

I guess I'll end the screen cap with the first fight Jun Pyo and Jan Di have... this is the most favorite part for me... Fighting !!!

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  1. I heard the girl who played Sunny commited suicide D: