Friday, January 23, 2009

Beethoven Virus

Okay, I know I'm kind of late for this... can't blame me for this since I have to wait for my order. I guess the only drama that I can't help waiting any longer is Kkotboda Namja... 

Still watching this drama... but as people been reviewing this drama... I find it interesting. Seriously falling deep in love with the classical music... hahaha

Kim Myung Min as Kang Gun Woo(1)

I like the sharp tongue Kang Mae an ochestra conductor... the way he smile or stare at people make me think if this kind of person were out there... wargh!!! it would be disaster if I met someone like this, since I'm not good with controlling my emotion. Kang Gun Woo(1) is a perfectionist, simple error means the end for that person... the best thing about him is he conduct the orchestra well, he unite the band into one... as a pro and perfectionist he find something new in the group form by Du Ru Mi.

People been saying that KMM make the story perfect... and I believe I agreed to that. It was no doubt that KMM make everyone who watch BV fall for KGW(1) character. Even when I hate it when he talk about how good he is... still I love him LoL. what is this? 

Lee Ji Ah as Du Ru Mi 

Hmm... I like her in 'The Legend'. She have a soft look but strong character... It feels the same in Beethoven Virus. It just that when I am supposed to feel the love between her and Kang Mae... I don't really feel it... maybe it just me... but when she was with KGW(2), the feelings is different... is it just me? 

Jang Geun Suk as Kang Gun Woo(2)

He's acting skills is superb but of coz incomparable with KMM, if I'm comparing both of them together it would be unfair for JGS... but still his acting skills is something that I'm looking forward too... He's in my currently fav. list actor.

A screen cap? hahaha will think about it... so far I'll stick with Kkotboda Namja.

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