Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kkotboda Namja [꽃보다 남자] Boys Before Flower Episode 4


It took me a lot of time to screen cap episode 4 and now it's already episode 8 on air...
can I make it faster than this...

This episode is quite interesting, YJH have a cold fight with GJD and later decide to follow MSH to Paris... while YJH is not around, GJP seems to take another step... taking GJD as his GF. Which is cute.

I have nothing to say about this episode since I like it, all of it.

Episode 4 screen cap:

At the airport, while waiting for MSH departure 
GJP,GJD,SYJ & SWB wait in a VIP room.
GJP & GJD have a little chat 
while SYJ & SWB just watch them from afar.

MSH give her last farewell.
We can see that she's hoping that YJH will be there too.

Just when everyone thought YJH won't be coming
He appeared and GJD attack him with her words... 
well it was GJP words to be exact...
and YJH ket everyone know that he will be in the next flight
to Paris & the reason for his sudden changes is GJD.

Okay maybe this is what I think, GJP is smiling happily...
 is it because finally he realize that YJH has no feeling towards GJD 
or he might think GJD actually just being nice to YJH

Another farewell but this time for YJH...
YJH thanks to GJD for changing him...
and kiss her on her forehead
which is seriously make GJP jealous...

And this is my favorite scene LoL
Love it... heart warming but still funny.

At the cafe, GJP come by himself and arranging 
time and places for their first date...
He even warned GJD to make sure that she won't be late...

And GJP (what was her name?) friend 
look sad watching and listening

LMH look good covering his hair...

GJD seems to ignored GJP words 
GJP is waiting in the cold weather
meanwhile GJD is bz with her shopping...
Look like a war to me LoL

Realizing how crazy GJP can be... 
GJD rushed to the places mentioned by GJP,
Without realizing that she will end up spending the whole night with GJP.

GJD really know how to kick... just look at her kicking style.
and GJP really know when to get sick LoL.

Spending the whole night with GJP make GJD worried 
but her family seems to be happy about that... 
weird family LoL

Because of this pictures...

GJD becoming a hot topic
which also concern by the F2...
meanwhile ...

Just because I like them... ^_^

GJD is spending her time with her friend 
she really can change her expression... 
good acting I like it.

And first meeting between GE & SYJ
wargh!! love them
both really look cute. (faint with that smile)

SYJ worries about GJP decision bring him to GE
Just because I like this too
I might have put more screen cap of them LoL

GJD met with strangers who remind her to YJH
and end up being a victim of 'jealousy'...

Ah... this is heartbreaking
to find out someone you love spending a night with
someone else is worse...
but when you hope that someone 
 who change his appearance because of you 
ignored you and show his disbelief 
it was heartbreaking  T T

This is what friendship are
even when the F2 didn't agree with GJP
but because they know he really meant 
every words he says
they participate in helping GJD 
which is mean a big help for GJP.

Oh Min Ji realize something BIG gonna happened to GJD
leave early from school
meanwhile GJD even in a worse situation maintained 
to be HER 

GJP realized that all the GJD incidence was setup
and the worse thing is it was done by
someone GJD called as friend.

While GJP is doing a flashback moment
GJD was having a bad day ever.

~The EnD for Ep 4~


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