Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hanoi Bride

I think if it was a serial drama...the conflict might get deeper and thank God it wasn't a drama coz I can't stand suffering thinking and feeling sad for the character...

The best part of this movie...of coz Lee Dong Wook hahaha...ok it's not that but the scenery...I like it in Vietnam or Korea I just like it...about the movie was quite interesting...and Kim Ok-bin was excellant in here too...that what I think...maybe some people especially viatnemese would argue about the way she speak...can't blame her anyway...but still for me she do it better...I don't know if she really show us the typical viatnamese lady but I guess she did show a charachter that have some tough side...almost every girl out there are like that it Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese...most of the girl would only love to show the soft spot hehehe..until something happened...there you go...guyz have to accept that ladies is tough too Big Smile.

Maybe because the writer have to make it into 2 series only so some part were not explained properly...but still u can understand what exactly they were trying to show...but of coz I have to complaint too hehehe...some part just not right...Ly Thi Vu (kim Ok-bin) sister does not agree with her relationship with Park Eun-woo(Lee Dong wook) just because Park Eun-woo is Korean...but when Ly Thi Vu live with an axcuse to get marry with some Korean man who she don't even know why does she agreed? 

Well I have nothing much to matter what, it was good in some part and lack in some part but still ok for me...

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