Friday, February 3, 2006

All About Love / Say I Love You Once More


"All About Love" is a story about a man who only find out how much he miss so many oppurtunity to show his loves to his wife just because his work came before her wife...Untill there is no way he can pay all the precious time that he left behind his lovely wife died in a car accident...There is so many people out there facing this kind of situation only that they never realize how much they miss everything in their life...

Andy Lau plays a workaholic medical practitioner Dr. Ko who neglects his wife (Charlene Choi) in spite of his love for her. After she dies in a car accident, he switches his job to that of an ambulanceman and sticks to a routine schedule, as a special means to remember his deceased wife. In an operation, Ko saves a woman Sam (Charlie Young) who happened to have a heart transplant - and he soon discovers that she actually bears his wife's heart! Co-incidentally, Sam's husband Derek, who has also deserted her, looks identical to Ko. So Ko decides to take up Derek's place to accompany his wife's heart for he has not been with her enough when she was alive...

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