Sunday, April 23, 2006

~My name is Kim Sam Soon~

(~The Best Couple~)

(~My Nam Is Kim Sam Soon~)

My name is Kim Sam Soon...this drama already hits in Korea and win the best drama...most of the award  goes to this drama so it's surely the best...and It's no doubt about it...Kim Sun Ah (Kim Sam Soon) had make a lot of sacrifice for this drama...well gaining weight is surely an easy things to do but to loose it...if I was her that surely not gonna happened...She deserve to win it all...

What so attractive about this drama is how the scriptwriter make it so down to earth...there is so many ladies out there who is having the same problem with Kim Sam Soon...and this aspect make it attractive...people would like to see their self in one of the character and when the story is so real...thats make it great...

Well, at least they have prove that no need for a beautiful ladies with great figure to make the drama hits (even if in reality Kim Sun Ah is beatiful but it's really works here...hehehe)'s all about talent and it's great to see Kim Sun Ah in this drama...

To those who haven't watch it you better try for it...believe me you'll love it...and forgot to tell you guys earlier...they also win the best couple for 2005 (i mean Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin) 

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