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The Winter The Wind Blows


“I’ve lived my whole life thinking that I only have myself to depend on. Will there really be a moment of enlightenment?” -Oh Soo

“I, who wants to live, met a woman who wants to die. We are clearly very different. But for some reason… at that moment, that woman seemed like me. For the first time, I became curious about that woman.” – Oh Soo

“If I can choose when to die, then I thought that was the perfect moment. 
Because you came.” - Young
“One day, I thought, ‘Why am I living?’ No matter how much I thought about it, there was no reason for me to live. ‘Why am I trying so hard to stay alive? Even if it ends, there wouldn’t be anyone to mourn me. Even if my life ends today, there’s nothing to lose.’” – Oh Soo

“Why do I want to live so badly? Why must I live? I don’t even have a reason to do this to her, who can’t even see. An endless lie… Why must I live like this? Was I frantically hoping for a moment like this all my life?” - Oh Soo

"What a person can do for another is not to forgive, but to give comfort. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to cry.” - Young

“I, for your sake, placed a million bells. Actually, this sound is from the rustling of the frozen branches of the trees. Later, when I leave, even when you lose the bell, if the winter wind blows, the trees will always make this sound. If only you could see this now, it would have been really nice. But more than this, what I want to show you is actually you, yourself, more than anything, it would be nice if you could see yourself.” – Oh Soo

“If I could have stopped, I would have stopped then. My dangerous acts to get close to Young were crossing the limit. The warning sounds that rang from deep within my heart… I definitely heard them.” - Oh Soo

“I… Even if I’m not around you, even if the wind isn’t blowing, now the wind chime will always ring." - Oh Soo

“I’ll live. No matter what.
Even if I’m stuck in a gutter or stabbed by Moo-chul, I’ll live.
When I was little, left under a tree in the cold, I lived.
I didn’t even feel guilty when I betrayed your parents who treated me like their child, stole money, and left. Even after Hee-joo died, I lived. I’ll find a way to live. I have you, Hee-sun, and… I have many reasons to live now.” – Oh Soo

"You don't care at all how I'll feel after I leave here right?
the fact that I'll yearn for you, miss you, want to touch you, you don't care,
because if you die, that's it. If I know what a disrespectful brat you were a bit sooner...
making food with you, listening to the sound of snowflakes with you, hoding you, those painful,
unforgettable kind of memories ~ I wouldn't have made them.
During that time, if you made those memories just to die, then I'm going to make a new memories to live. If I only have painful memories with you, the it's going to be easy to forget you after you die. Because I have to live even without you. Even without you, I have to live in this disgusting world!" - Oh Soo

“Yesterday I finally realized why Hee Joo chose Oh Soo over me. Even if I have to die, I can’t let go of my ego. Whether it’s for love, parents, you, or even in front of death, I can never degrade myself. But, Oh Soo is able to get rid of himself. He doesn’t have to look cool. He’s not afraid. Do you what I said to Hee Joo when she told me she was going to Oh Soo? ‘Take care. Live well. Be happy.’ I’m that kind of person. I can’t look foolish. Oh Soo abandons himself to keep his love, but me, in order to look good, I lose love… miss the time to get treatment. Like you said, I’m getting punished by karma.” – Moo Chul

“For the first time, I was as joyful as a child. I wasn’t scared of Moo-chul’s knife, either. For the first time, I didn’t consider my thirty years of life as being unfair. For the first time, it felt like the world was fair. I don’t want to forget being with Young in this moment, so when I take Moo-chul’s knife, I should never feel that it’s unfair.
I remind myself of that hundreds and thousands of times, but there are still moments when I’m afraid. Then I’ll think of this again. Up to this moment today, being endlessly afraid of death… Young, who is in front of me… I will never think of my life as unfair. 
Right now, I’m happy. That’s enough.” – Oh Soo

“Rather than saying those words, if you had just told me that when you were young, the wounds you received from being abandoned like trash caused you to live like trash, and that more so than a blind person like me, you were hurting more… those words would have been more comforting. You knew I loved you yet you still fooled me.
If you had just told me that you didn’t get a kick out of tricking me, it would have been more comforting. Out of all the reasons why I can’t forgive you, the main reason is that right now, I can’t even mourn the death of my brother who I missed as much as my mother.
Because of you. Loving a conman like you, let’s just blame it on my blindness. Although I hate you enough to want to kill you, no matter how I think about it, there’s nothing a blind person like me can do. You fooled me good, all along.” – Young

"It's okay to get angry, or even curse at me. Even if you do so later, you will feel more at ease." - Oh Soo

“I can’t thank you. But I can understand you. It’s my fault, too. The moment I met you, my heart fluttered. I should have known then. I’m a fool, right? How is it? If I did this much, I am being very understanding of you aren't I?” - Young

"Even though you don't understand, there is no problem with the way you live, so don't try so hard. But my love for you has always been true." -Oh Soo

“You were all I had, even if others think that it’s just an obsession, still, you were the only one I had. Company stocks? I don’t need them. The shareholders’ position or being your legal representative? I can give that all up. I embezzled company money out of resentment toward your father, but when you were running the company, I didn’t take any money. Not a single penny. I’ve raised you since I was twenty-six years old. Although my parents disowned me for being a mistress, I didn’t have my own child. I raised you! You’re my daughter!” – Secretary Wang

“When I left that house, I left with dignity. Because I love her. Because she loves me too. In order to see me someday, she will live. So even if we’re apart right now… at least one time, even by chance, we will meet. Believing that, I was able to leave that house not only with dignity, but with arrogance. I didn’t even say that I was sorry. But, Young saw that side of me and told me… that she loved me.” – Oh Soo

“I should have just conned her. I shouldn’t have made her fall in love with a guy like me.” 
– Oh Soo

“If I were to be born again, I wouldn’t live like this. But I can’t help the fact that this is the end for me. Hee-sun, even if everyone in the world curses me, I want to understand that I lived like this because I was dumb and simple. Because if I didn’t even understand myself… I’d be too pitiful.” – Moo Chul

“I had to say that one thing to Young… that in this hurtful world, I once thought that life was nothing. If it’s gone, it’s gone – that’s all I thought life amounted to.
But you, Young, became the last reason for me to live like a human being. Could I become the same to you? In this empty world, could I not become your last reason to live?”” – Oh Soo

“When you were gone and I couldn’t see you, the hardest part was that I still missed you. I guess it wasn’t over for me either when I let you go. Even at the moment when I wanted to end it, a part of me still wanted you to run back to me. When I slit my wrist, I looked forward to you opening my door instead of feeling scared. As if I never wanted to die.” – Young

“Isn’t it hard when you can’t look into the eyes of someone you love?” -Young

“No, it wasn’t ever hard, I always felt as if she was always looking at me with all her body and heart." - Oh Soo


I've quoted everything from the 1st episode till the end... I believe some best quote has been left but I'm satisfied with this drama. 2013 winter's wasn't that cold when there is hopes, dreams and love. Overall, it's definitely worth watching drama. Every scene are beautiful, seriously both Jo In Sung & Song Hye Kyo looks so perfect that it feels like I'm watching an advertisements for a long run. If you haven't watch it yet... well in case you haven't yet. Go!

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