Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Need Romance 3. Episode 1 - My Thought & Quotes.

“A Woman Who Looks Like Sing Sing”

“On the day I was born, it was the first snow of the year. A seven-year-old Sing Sing left footprints in the snow where no one else had walked, as she came to meet me. I heard it all from Sing Sing. She said that on the day I was born, I was like a sweet potato. I don’t believe her.” - Joo Wan

“How is he going to get through life when he’s so ugly?”- Shing-Shing

 Whether it's one reason or hundred reasons, a man who say's the word 'break up', I have no intention of holding onto him.If I hold on, will you be held? - Shin Joo Yeon

“Sadness is parting from someone—your heart hurts and that pain grows deep. Something gets tangled in your heart. That’s sadness.” - Shing Shing

Some people break up because they don't like each other, but some just can't see the other person, even if they want to." - Shing Shing

There is no reason to be sad or hurt. A relation coming to an end is natural" - Shin Joo Yeon

I didn't understand. There were things I wanted to ask. But I didn’t ask. There is only one reason for all breakups, the passion of dating has ended." - Shin Joo Yeon

“You’ve changed. I thought about it, why you’ve become this woman. Earlier today you said you had someone you were in love with, but that was a lie. If you were in love with someone, if you were receiving someone’s love, you would be a person who treasured memories a little more. 
So if you are dating someone right now, you should break up, because it’s not real love.”
- Joo Wan

"Even if don't want to meet, we will end up meeting soon. Because I'm a person who keeps his promises." - Joo Wan

My thought on the 1st episode:

Starting with a little girl walking with her red coat on the first winter... that was cute. It is good to know that the story begin with something innocent, cute, loveable and sweet. Knowing that this story will soon turn out to hatred, sadness, loneliness and romance... everything that start with a fresh feeling is great.

At first, I've my doubt about these two pairing up... NO! not because of the age, but maybe because I'm still stuck with IRIS and GU FAMILY BOOK. But after watching the 1st episode, I'm relieved that I'm already on track... means waiting for the next episode is definitely a must for me.

This drama have everything you want. If you're someone who repeatedly got hurt and later change into someone much more stronger, capable, cool, successful (well I always want to think I am stronger and cool)... than you'll love Shin Joo Yeon. You'll start to relate  and agree with her in everything she do and for some reason you'll see YOU in Shin Joo Yeon... seriously, I do... and for that reason I'm hooked to this drama.

If that reason wasn't enough, than you'll love Joo Wan aka Allen Joo. He's tall, handsome, sweet, loveable, romantic and so on... everything you want in a guy just list it... he is almost perfect well at least for me. Seriously, I need to find someone soon... I'm the one who need romance now.

Other character really fit in, friends, long lost enemy, crush, ex-lover, and so on. Seriuosly it is too short but yet delightful. Love it!

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