Monday, February 3, 2014

Gary and Song Ji Hyo Are a Match Made In Heaven According to Fortune Teller on “Running Man”

Monday Couple, Gary and Song Ji Hyo are a match made in heaven.

The February 2 episode of SBS’ “Running Man” welcomed special guest actresses Moon So Ri, Jo Min Soo, and Um Jung Hwa. The theme for the episode was a couple’s race in search for their soul mates.

The final mission of the show was matching which pairs had the best compatibility. Already having the nickname of “Monday Couple,” Gary and Song Ji Hyo were paired together for the mission, and it was revealed that the two have a very good marital compatibility.

The fortune teller explained, “The two have good marital compatibility. They both have letters that match each other. They also have a food fortune in wealth.” The “Running Man” production team remarked, “We were very shocked when we heard this. According to the fortune teller, you meet all the standards for a match made in heaven.”

As Gary and Song Ji Hyo were announced as the perfect match, the members of the show suggested the two should get married.

Courtesy to Soompi

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