Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lee Seung Gi praised by sunbaes on the set of ‘The King 2hearts’

Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi is much loved by his sunbae actors.

Lee Seung Gi is currently playing the role of Lee Jae Ha on MBC drama ‘The King 2hearts’. Lee Jae Ha is a complex character who was a childish and selfish prince but is forced to become the king because of the death of his older brother whom he loved.

The royal chief of staff Eun Gyu Tae (played by Lee Soon Jae) is someone who has been with the royal family through thick and thin for over 30 years so he has seen the playful and childish Lee Jae Ha grow up with his own eyes. Because of that, Eun Gyu Tae has feelings against Lee Jae Ha since he doesn’t believe that Lee Jae Ha is deserves to become the king,

But what would their relationship be like behind the scenes? Lee Soon Jae is a talented veteran who is not afraid to dish out constructive criticism but it turns out, he has nothing but praises and kind words towards Lee Seung Gi for his talents as an actor and his polite manners.

On May 9th, an insider of ‘The King 2hearts’ relayed to OSEN, “Lee Seung Gi truly enjoys and is grateful for the opportunity to work with such great sunbaes like Lee Soon Jae and Yoon Yeo Jung. Lee Seung Gi really plays the role of the mood maker on set. Watching Lee Seung Gi that way, the sunbaes really give a lot of advices and the mood on set is really great.”

‘The King 2hearts’ has been planned for a total of 20 episodes and so far, 15 episodes have aired. Once episode 16 airs on May 10th, there will only be 4 episodes left truly delving in towards the end of the drama. Most Korean dramas are filmed to be shown immediately as they go once it reaches the middle of the story but ‘The King 2hearts’ has more room helping the actors and staff reach for perfection with each and every episode.

Source: OSEN via Nate

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