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Final thoughts of Lee Jae Kyu,producer of ‘The King 2 Hearts, “It’s a drama (filled) with many regrets”

Left with the 20th episode, the final episode from the drama ‘The King 2 Hearts’, producer Lee Jae Kyu conveyed his final thoughts and expressed his feelings of reluctance to part (ways).

The plot from MBC Wednesday and Thursday’s drama ‘The King 2 Hearts’ is about a North Korean Special Forces Officer Kim Hang Ah and an arrogant South Korean King Lee Jae Ha, where they will encounter many twists and turns in the course of their love, it is a black comedy where both will work hand in hand to overcome different kinds of crises. Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, headed by Yoon Je Moon-Lee Yoon Ji-Jo Jung Suk-Lee Soon Jae-Yoon Yeo Jung and more, new and old actors working together in a ‘dream-like’ way, producer Lee Jae Kyu displayed a sensitive approach (in directing the drama), gaining an explosive response from the audience.

Reversal followed by reversal, it’s filled with an exciting storyline, it is left with the final episode from ‘The King 2 Hearts’, (and with this,) Lee Jae Kyu conveyed his final thoughts. Filming relentlessly for the past 4 months, producer Lee Jae Kyu expressed his unlimited affection for 2 main leads, Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi.

Firstly, ‘The King 2 Hearts’ receiving praises as a new concept drama is coming to an end, producer Lee Jae Kyu expressed, ‘(Feeling) very proud but it is also a drama (filled) with many regrets, (I am) thankful for the actors and staff for giving their best right to the very end.’

Especially for Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi’s superb acting, which has made ‘The King 2 Hearts’ become a famous drama. With outstanding evaluations, (Lee Jae Kyu) expressed his special feelings for these 2 actors. Producer Lee Jae Kyu said, “Ha Ji Won is an actress who turns imagination into reality. ‘A world of fantasy’ will turn into ‘a real world’ the instant it encounters Ha Ji Won. In a short period of time, Ha Ji Won is able to express feelings that are hard to accept and understand through her eyes, at the end of filming, (I) realized that this actress Ha Ji Won has embraced many things in her heart and used her own abilities to exhibit them, it’s even more surprising.” (He is) full of compliments for her.

Then he praised saying that, ‘Lee Seung Gi is an actor who possesses a clear mind like purified water and a burning/enthusiastic heart. I think Lee Seung Gi’s solid foundation in his acting comes from his passion.”. In ‘The King 2 Hearts’, Lee Seung Gi has hidden (the side of) a smart youth under the shadows of vanity in reality, he has expressed a side of breaking out and attaining a new lease of life clearly and fervently. Now from Lee Seung Gi, (I) can feel the energy of a mature actor.”

As a new concept drama which has never been attempted before, the teamwork among producer Lee Jae Kyu, Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi is of utmost importance. Towards this, producer Lee Jae Kyu expressed, “Towards one another, the 3 of us have very strong trust and feelings, we smiled cheerfully during fliming yesterday, right to the very end.”

Lastly, producer Lee Jae Kyu said this to the 2 main leads, Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, “Hope that (both of you) would be able to make up for the lack of sleep during the filming period, eat more delicious food, hope that (both of you) can rest comfortably for a while. Hope that Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, the worlds created by the 2 of you would be relished by people for a long time.(I) feel happy to be able to work with the 2 of you.” (Producer Lee Jae Kyu) expressed his feelings.

The production company expressed, “Among producer Lee Jae Kyu, Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, they are filled with mutual trust for one another that are difficult to express with words. Right to the very end of filming, (we) could also feel happiness from them, the passion and hard work from the 3 of them, the ‘force’ from them has enabled ‘The King 2 Hearts’ to become a famous new concept drama . Hope that everyone will give lots of support for the last episode airing today.”

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