Friday, February 25, 2011

2011 Korea’s Most Handsome Male Artist

Recently, a Korean website held a poll for “2011 Korea’s Most Handsome Male Artist”, attracting over 5000 netizens to vote.

The top 25 most handsome South Korean male artists of 2011 are:

1. Hyunbin

2. Kim Hyun Joong

3. Song Seung Heon

4. Kim Jaejoong

5. Jung il-woo

6. Yoo Ah-In

7. Park Yoochun

8. Lee Seung Gi

9. Lee Min Ho

10. Jang Geun Suk

11. Kim Bum

12. Song Joongki

13. Nickhun

14. Jung Yonghwa

15. Lee Hongki


17. Taecyeon

18. Bae Yong Jun

19. Kwon Sang-woo

20. So Ji-sub

21. Won Bin

22. Yoo Seung Ho

23. No Min Woo

24. Lee Junki

25. Choung Kyung Ho

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* look like most of my pretty men is on the list hehehe
shall we try to vote again? 

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  1. How come Heechul is not on the list???? Huhuhu....

  2. Maybe because he is too pretty to be handsome hehehe

  3. Y Chang MIn Oppa no in the list.... :'( but !!! y Hyun Joong is number 2 !!!! nt number 1 !!! he so handsome n cute !!!! :( this result make me very very sad..

  4. HOW sad lee min ho is only no. 09!!! but it's ok as long he is on the list.. u guix r all handsome and cute.. keep up the good looks!!!!

  5. how come so ji sub not in top five
    sarranghe oppa