Sunday, September 12, 2010

“1 Night 2 Days” Edits Out MC Mong For New Episode

With singer MC Mong’s draft conspiracy set to be booked without detention, “1 Night 2 Days,” a program he is a fixed cast on, has decided to carry out a daring decision.

The producers of KBS 2TV’s “1 Night 2 Days” spoke with Osen on the 12th and revealed, 
“We received news about MC Mong after we’ve already finished editing the episode set to broadcast this afternoon. Even if there isn’t a final judgment out yet, since it is a sensitive issue and one that deeply affects our society and our citizens, we have decided to edit out MC Mong’s cuts as much as possible for now.”

The representative went on to reveal, 
“The episode that will air today will be a lot shorter than usual. We realized that the episode was cut about 15 minutes after we edited out MC Mong.”

When asked about MC Mong’s position, he stated, 
“Nothing has been decided yet. Once the investigations are finished, the producers and the variety industry alike will be starting a serious discussion. We cannot tell viewers for sure whether he will continue or leave the show.”

Source: OSEN & Allkpop
* WTH! I started watching this program because of him... argh...

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  1. i was actually surprised that MC Mong was hardly seen on last night's episode..and i was suspicious about it..we thought that he was out of the show but he was still there yet no scenes were shown..and i thought maybe he got a very bad argument in one of his co-host or against the staff..and becuase of your blog, i found out that it was because he evade military's a strange reason though..^_^

  2. Aye, after this there is no where we can watch him... the latest episode I watch he is completely not there anymore... 2D&1N will only have 5 members left... they should bring Kim C back...

  3. seriously??!!whoa..the latest episode will air on us this coming Friday night..i better prepared myself for a bit lousy episode without one of the funniest think Kim C should at least make a i can't really believe how very very important military service is for them..i hope that everything will be fine soon..i honestly think the show will decline from high ratings with only a few guys's a lot better and funnier when they play games evenly..3:3..and of course, i am going to miss the Disappointed Brothers!!

  4. We will definitely miss him.... I've missed him already (T T). Well the show goes well and the rating still maintain on its peak... just hope things going well for him.

  5. last friday's episode was different..not the usual two days and one night..rather one day only..the effect of not having Mong around..i wonder what will be tonight's episode..i miss the complete sad for MC Mong..

  6. yeah..still a one day bothers me a bit, that the show did not even make mention regarding the matter..and even when Mong will come back..wish them all the best..