Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We Got Married Losing The Plot Completely

After a frentic week involving who was staying and leaving We Got Married, it was announced that all 4 existing couples will now depart the show. The producers for the show announced that the sudden decision to cut all 4 couples were taken just this past weekend. The final episode for all 4 couples will be aired on 3rd May with the new couples coming in on 10th May." 

Jung Hyung Don - Tae Yeon and Shin Sung Rok - Kim Shin Young couples had already given notice that they were leaving the show before the weekend with JunJin - Lee Si Young, Kangin - Lee Yoon Ji couples now following them as well out of the show. And unlike the previous season couples, the 4 couples will not have a farewell mission because they have enough filmed material which will be edited accordingly.

The number of couples on the show will also be reduced from 4 to just two and given 60 minutes. The production team explained, "As this was a sudden decision, we are still in the process of selecting the new couples. The new couples will be formed on the basis of being able to give an accurate portrayal of married life just like in reality."

Credit Source: JpopAsia

* It was sad... but seriously I do think that after the original couple, there is no sparks on the show anymore. So what the point of watching it. It wasn't the same as before, when it was the original couple I keep checking for the new episode and I'll be eager to know what happened next. I think the show wasn't effective now so they should just start a new project.

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  1. Oh My GOSH!! All the couples would be pretty sad, leaving each other ㅠㅜ!

    PS: That ㅠㅜ is "crying"