Monday, April 27, 2009

Actors involved with Drugs

On the 26th, Korean police officials issued a warrant of arrest for actress Yoon Sul Hui (28) and model Yeh Hak Young (26) for smuggling drugs into Korea from Japan. Among the people charged to have received drugs from the two mentioned above, is actor Joo Ji Hoon, best known for his roles in the drama Goong and movie The Naked Kitchen. Joo Ji Hoon was hauled to the police station for questioning. The last update was that Joo Ji Hoon has admitted to the charges against him.

According to the police, Ms. Yoon and others were paid about 100,000,000 won since August 2007 for the smuggling of drugs such as ecstasy and ketamine. It was discovered during the investigation that Ms. Yoon would hide the drugs in her underclothes after obtaining them in Japan. The drugs would then travel through different people and Mr. Yeh, who happened to be the 3rd point of transfer. His drugs were then sold throughout clubs in Kang Nam and to his acquaintances.

Joo Ji Hoon began to associate himself with the two around March 2008 and has been charged by the police, for being involved in the 2nd point of transfer of the drugs. A police representative stated, "This is the first time that celebrities are directly involved in the buying and selling of drugs. We are expanding the scope of our investigations and expect to discover more people selling the drugs beneath the sponsor.

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* This is why I always said... nothing is perfect, and I guess the reason for JJH involving him self with this crime is because he want to tell us that he has the evil sides too. I adore him as an actor beside he really are a great one. I won't just blame him for doing wrong even that I actually hate those kind of things but sometimes we have  to accept the fact that he is just a person with a lot of flaw. 
There is still a lot of room for him to change and to improved... sometimes reality just scared us... Just hope he learn his lessons and I really hope that the netizens give him a chance rather than killing his carrier. Killing the carrier means giving him another reason to do more bad things... I don't want to loose another greats actors.

Owh... just look at how innocent he look in Goong. 

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