Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong once again fainted while working.

This is the second time Hyun Joong collapses due to his overworking and lack of sleep. I know it was great to know that such a young men working hard and dedicated to his work. But isn't too much when he did not realize that his body is weakening everyday due to his unbelievable overworking.

Okay... I guess nowadays youngster started to take our Rain as their role model... 
but they should know how their role model take care of their health at least I never heard or read about Rain fainted while working... or have I miss something?

I should say that it was good that he was admitted to hospital... this is the only chance for him to get some rest and recovered all his energy. Hope that he will be back in a good condition. 

Get well soon.

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