Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Marriage Isn't Dating!"

The producers of MBC’s ‘Sunday Sunday Night - We Got Married’ has given the reason for the mass substitution of the 4 existing couples on the show as, “they did not manage to portray the realism of actual married life”.

Other than Jung Hyungdon/Tae Yeon who already decided to leave the show as Jung Hyungdon has recently announced that he is in a relationship; Junjin/Lee Shi Young, Kang In/Lee Yoon Ji and Shin Sung Rok/Kim Shin Young will end their status as ‘married couples’ after the 3rd May episode of WGM. There will be two new couples joining the show after that.

About the new couples, spokesperson from the production team said, “They will have to be couples who can truly show what married life is really about.” In other words, even though the 4 couples were role-playing, they weren’t able to demonstrate a sense of realism.

“The couples now feel more like they’re dating instead of being married.” WGM started out with the objective of simulating married life, but the show has increasingly received comments that the couples on the show behave more like dating couples instead of married couples.

Although they go on dates and complete missions together, we no longer see situations such as those of Crown J/Seo In Young or Jung Hyung Don/Saori where they get mad at each other for their behaviour and argue. Some netizens have also commented that the couples are more concerned with their image and how they are being seen by viewers, and as a result they come across as being unnatural.

In the end WGM has chosen to go back to the basics and the original objective of the show. The existing couples will not be going on farewell trips/missions and will just exit the show directly, which is the production team’s way of showing how real married couples would be like if they part, since divorced couples in real life don’t break up and go travelling together because they can’t bear to part.

Fantasies of love will now be replaced by the realities of married life, and it remains to be seen what changes the new couples will bring to WGM.

Source: SPN Edaily

* After reading this... I really feel like saying *&^%#$$^&* !!!
Wasn't the person who create all this unrealistic marriage is the PD itself?!
Why blaming on the couple. I seriously believe that non of the couples are ready to leave even if the marriage is fake but still leaving without saying goodbye to the audience is something cruel. Besides wasn't the PD who script everything should take the blame?

Do I agree with the real couple to be in this show? I don't know... I don't think they'll show us the real marriage either. Their relationship might getting worse because the netizen words sometimes are scarier then the reporter. 

This is the reason why WGM is no more entertain... I miss the old seasons T T

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