Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alex to Shinae.

(word on pic: “now you guys have your delicious dishes to make…”)

(taken from Alex’s cyworld)

2009.03.24 03:50 AM

Title: 축하합니다 ^^

함께 걷는 다는것….

함께 나누고 함께 힘들다는것….

뭐든 나눌사람이 생겼다는것….

그사람과 함께 잠들고 함께 아침을 맞이 한다는것….


축하해~!! ^^

ps. 그나저나, 저 위로하시는분들…그러실힘있으시면 축하를 더

해주시는게 더 좋을듯.ㅎㅎ

Title: Congratulations ^^

To walk together…

To share and suffer together…

To have someone to share anything with…

To be able to fall asleep and wake up with that person…

it’s a beautiful thing…


PS: And for those who are comforting me… if you have the strength to do that,

it’d be better if you’d congratulate her. He he…

Seriously feel even sad to read this. Thanks to Jazzholic for providing the translation. It feels like he's trying to say that...

I wish that someone is me... and if only you have choose me... I'll prepared more delicious dishes for you.

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  1. can you make much a link of Alex and Shin ae ? I want to know much about them .. thanks before .. C=