Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby & I

Last 2 days I spend my day watching movies and realize that I've been busy all this time... Work and stress been surrounding me since early of the year and I need some positive energy to make me feel good... I need my life back!

So what did I do... I watch Baby & I... the story line is good. The main focus of this movie is not just the baby and Jang Geun Seok (well I watch this because of him)... It's show us how nowadays youngster thinks and act. They took school lightly, they spend unwisely, but the most important thing is how they react to whatever problem they face.

In this movie, Jun-su (Jang Geun Seok) is a rebellious 19 year-old. Teachers and parents having a headache because of his action. When things getting worse, his parents finally decide to 'run' from home and leave Jun-su only small amount of money. As a rebellious young men, Jun-su think it's great until Wooram a 6th month baby came into his life.

The simple story line make it easy for to you guess what gonna happened but still it's good... 1st he's the coolest guy ever, suddenly he turn out to be a dad... and then he trying to avoid the responsibility... but then he put more effort for the love one... simple but meaningful.

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