Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boys Before Flowers' Jang Ja-yeon commits suicide

It seems like korean artist tend to killed them self whenever things turn out bad or when they don't feel happy at all... well the best words is depression... I guess korean artist need to make sure they have guts and strong enough to face things... it seems like they don't prepared to received bad things which of coz no one would love that. But it hurts the most for people who rely on them put a lot of hopes on them but in the end it's something that you have to put behind and place it in a box called 'Memory'. I just hope we won't have to face another suicide. 

To Jang Ja yeon... May she R.I.P

Jang Ja-yeon (27) chalks up another number for the
increasing cases of celebrity suicides in South Korea

This is really sad news to wake up to on a Sunday morning. Boys Before Flowers actress Jang Ja-yeon (27) committed suicide yesterday. You would recognize her in the popular drama as one of the Mean Girls trio (Jin-Sun-Mi) who would tease lead character Geum Jan-di in school.

Jang Ja-yeon had hanged herself at her apartment and was found dead on the evening of 07 March. Her older sister (whom Jang lived with) found the body. Her sister explained that Jang had suffered from depression and prior to her suicide had been staying inside her room for long periods of time more frequently, signaling perhaps that she was falling into deeper depression. About 10 years ago, Jang lost both parents in a car accident when she was in high school, and has lived with her sister ever since.

What could be the cause of her death? Officials have blamed that anonymous Internet slanderers are to blame of the celebrity suicides (most notably Choi Jin-sil) that preceded hers. Could she have gotten too much hate mail to handle when she played one of the mean girls in uber popular Boys Before Flowers?

Celebrity suicides in South Korea -- we hope, is one trend that WILL STOP.

Jang Ja-yeon played “Sunny”
(one of the three Mean Girls)
in Boys Before Flowers

Credit Source: Dramabeans & K-popped

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