Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mr. Socrates

For all Kim Rae Won fan's out there this is the brand new movies that will appeared soon...Enjoyed it and have a pleasent day.....

Kim Rae Won, a Star Heading for Another Box-Office Success

This will be his first return a year later after his movies, 2424 and My Little Bride. The stage will be Mr Socrates, a new movie scheduled for filming in May.

Mr Socrates is about how Goo Dong Hyuk , a born villain with neither integrity nor other ethics, was trained by a criminal organization to be a strong and tough cop. Kim Rae Won played the role of Goo Dong Hyuk in this crime and action movie.

Though being trained by a criminal organization, he was tough and serious in his job as a cop with the belief that Even evil laws are laws.

The coming project comes a long time after his last performance on the screen. The script was chosen from a large number of scripts that had come to him during this period, thus he was really impressed by it.

And he will be playing the role of a talented and tough cop. This results in great anticipation from movie fans.

Kim Rae Won will shake off his pure and innocent image and show us a great change in acting style.

To have a tan and muscular built as well as cool image for this tough-guy-role, he is busy working out at present.

For a rude but good looking masculine look, the production team plans to borrow the metro sexual look of football star, David Beckham and the image of Hollywood is new generation star, Vin Diesel.

Accordingly, Kim Rae Won will probably get a head skin type of hairstyle for the movie. He has also considered piercing his ears to suit the image of the role.

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You have no idea what a bad ass he is! 

Ku Dong-hyuck is a petty thug. He has no sense of conscience nor respect for others. He visits his father in prison for money and blackmails his friend who commits murder accidentally. One day, he is kidnapped by a criminal ring and undergoes harsh training against his will. Afterwards, the ring forces him to become a homicide detective. 

Production Note:

A crime-action movie that surpasses the shock of (Infernal Affairs) and the twist of (Old Boy)! 
In (Mr. Socrates), a black sheep who has lived a lowly life is turned into a homicide detective by the criminal ring. In a sense that a member of the criminal ring becomes a detective, the story is similar to that of (Infernal Affairs). However, he has no sense of righteousness, which makes it so different and unique. With an unpredictable story and the shocking twist, people are already comparing it to (Old Boy), for which director PARK Chang-wook won Grand Prize of the Jury. 

Kim Rae-won on his way to stardom throughout Asia after Bae Yong-jun and Lee Byung-heon! 
His name isn't unheard of in Japan, China, and Taiwan, thanks to TV series and a movie that he starred in. He says that the character named KU Dong-hyuck appealed to him so much when he first read the script. He has built an image of a soft, gentle guy in his previous work, but (Mr. Socrates) will show the movie fans a completely different side of him. 

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Kim Rae Won records a song of the Original Sound Tracks of his new movie Mr. Socrates. The song is called Sorry, Love In the movie, he is transformed to a detective filled with charisma. Singing an OST is a challenge to his versatile talents. The song has medium tempo. The represenetative of the production company states, The music director Sung Gi Wan suggests that Kim Rae Won records a song for the movie. KRW joyfully completes the recording.The debut of the movie is scheduled on 11/10.

Credit To : Hankooki.com

I Love This Movie!!! 

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