Friday, June 17, 2005

A Time to Love / Qing Ren Jie

This film circles around the love between two people in the shakespearian mannerisms of Romeo and Juliet.


Hou Jia (Lu Yi) and Qu Ran (Vicki Zhao) have known each other since childhood. By the age of eighteen, they unknowingly develop feelings for each other, but problems arise due to their parent's disapproval on both sides. Amidst this hopeless situation, they coincidentially find Shakespeare's story of "Romeo and Juliet," afterwards deciding to continue their love despite their families. This decision goes to no use however when the parents still manage to break up the two, and Hou Jia chooses to go overseas. Seven long years pass, with Qu Ran waiting for him to come back, but when he returns, will their love still be unaccepted? Can they still be together?

Comment from others:

Beautiful...that would be one word to describe this absolutely beautiful and touching love story between two innocently beautiful people. The scenery is beautiful, the story is touching and gentle...and before you know it, you too are enveloped into the bright sunlight, and smiles, the tears, every gentle touch, every daring eye contact, and drawn into another world that leaves you wide awake at night in awe of its splendidness, and its accompanying bitter-sweet sorrows and joys.

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