Friday, May 6, 2005

My Tutor Friend

What I have in mind now: 

It' been a while then that I haven't keep in touch with my friend... sometime I really don't understand why.. .is it me or is it time? when it come to friendship i just felt that all this time I've been used... well with the name of friendship actually I am really good with this stuff...but do I really have to be the first to keep calling, asking, and even sms? well some of you out there maybe think I'm selfish because of those word...but am I being selfish all this time...I guess no body know...I'm not trying to spit out what i feel in this just when you're alone you'll need someone to talk... and I don't really hope it's one of my family coz there are too good to me.

Well enough about that...I actually promise to one of my friend to make some review about a korean movie...~My Tutor Friend~ well I guess all korean fan out there might have seen it but I still have to keep my promise right? well let me introduce the cast of ~MTF~...


The main cast for this movie is none other than the famous Kwon Sang Woo as Kim Ji Hoon and Kim Ha Neul as Choi Su Won. Both is categorized as trouble maker. For both trouble maker met as tutor and student doesn't sound good at all but this is how the interesting story begins.

Kim Ji Hoon who have been repeating high school 3 times in a raw is actually 21 years old the same age as Choi Su Won. Kim Ji Hoon real talent is having a fight. He managed to grab every girl by fighting. He have more enemies than friends, and with this talent his father finally threatening to send him back to the USA if he continues to get into trouble with fighting and bad grades. To avoid being sent back to America, Ji-Hoon needs to get at least a 50% on the upcoming mid-term exams. The only problem is that his usual average mark was much lower than that. This is when Choi Su Won is needed.

Choi Su Won have trouble tutoring Kim Ji Hoon who shows no interest in learning. Su Won doubt if Ji Hoon will pass but with their effort and hard working (if I can say so) to their surprised Ji Hoon managed to get himself 50.1% and yes he passed. 

Love begins to blossoms at least for Ji Hoon, who suddenly become so protective to Su Won. Su Won in the other hand trying to deny how she really felt turn things back to the zero point. 

Ji Hoon still have to face with his old flames and enemies... Deciding between Girlfriend and Su Won it was easy for him... of coz Su Won is what he really need. After all the fighting scene Ji Hoon and Su Won end up being boyfriend and girlfriend. 
Do I enjoyed the movie? 
yes very much. 

How will I rate it?
4 over 5

Well.... I have the same complaint as what other moviegoers thought.... you may read the comment that I bold below. And  thats how I really felt.

From wikipedia: 

My Tutor Friend topped the box office for five weeks straight. Viewers immediately loved the movie which was similar to My Sassy Girl released in 2001. While this film may not be an example of a classic in Korean cinema, it possesses a definitive Korean charm. The film leans towards being a romantic comedy combined with action sequences which keeps the movie exciting. Fans enjoyed the film for the two attractive lead characters and their chemistry. Ha-Neul Kim is said to be quirky and sweet while Sang-Woo Kwon is very rebellious and is attractive. The warm reception of My Tutor Friend was not universal, and there have also been negative reviews. Some critics believe that the second half of the film seemed forced with a slower pace compared the first half. Many reviews also criticize this film for having an average plot, characterizing it as merely another teenage high school film.

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