Thursday, May 12, 2005

Attic Cat

~Living With The Attic Cat~

Kim Rae Won as Kyung Min, is a final year law student who soon will have to sit on a final year test in order to be a lawyer. At first, he put all his might just to get attention from Hye Run (Choi Yun Jin) who face assemble his late mother. In order to do so, Kyung Min met with Jeong Eun who he thought was a best friend of Hye Ryun and even help her find a house and paid the rent. But all of his efforts put into vain when he himself have to moved out and stay with Jeong Eun.

Jung Da Bin as Jeong Eun, is an ex-high school student in search for a job. She is an optimist person even when she live in a poor condition. When her family moved to another town she decided to stay in Seoul and stay at Kyung Min rented house. Her happy go lucky character got attentions from her boss.

The funny scenario begins when Jeung Eun & Kyung Min stayed together. They fight almost all the time and when things getting out control Jeung Eun will chased Kyung Min out of the house, and Kyung Min will immediately pack his things and leave the house. However, no matter how they hate each other they'll end up back together.

"Overall, Attic Cat (which is loosely based on an internet novel) is a fun and enjoyable drama to watch, and it has great onscreen chemistry between the two leads, Kim Rae Won and Jung Da Bin. Kim Rae Won proves himself as a potential upcoming actor in this drama. Jung Da Bin also proves her ability, after only appearing in minor roles before. The most wooden performance comes from Lee Hyun Woo. Acting as Hye Ryun's "oppa" (big brother, or older male friend), his performance never goes beyond the few facial expressions that he carries."     

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