Saturday, May 7, 2005


Once again my fav. actor in a new hot drama...~PriDe~...I love this drama first of all of coz the actor...but after I watch it...there is so much message in there...I love how the team keep good friendship, loyal even trust each other and I love it when there help each other no matter what it cost...In the other side of the story it's a love story...

Kimura (Halu) is a hockey team captain (Blue Scorpion). He is respect by his team mate. For Halu Hockey is a serious things... he will take note almost everything about hockey,  hockey is his life. And to love and live his life fully for hockey he takes love as a game... a game which no one wins and no one lose.

Meanwhile Yuko (Aki) is a just an ordinary working girl, she spends her time without any anticipation except for her boyfriend to comeback after leaving her behind to further study overseas even when there is no sign of him to come back. 

One day, Aki and her friends went to a hockey tournament and they join the Blue Scorpion's winning party celebration. Aki who has no interest to be in such crowd leave the party and coincidently saw Halu is beaten by his team mate and that coincidently is how their story begins... 

"Nice story, nice actor and actress..."

"[Excerpt from Daily Yomiuri, Wm. Penn, January 22, 2004]: With Pride (Mondays at 9 p.m. on the Fuji network), Takuya Kimura has done it again. This time around he's Haru, an ice hockey star, and he sent the ratings puck zipping skyward in week one with the assistance of a sharply honed Shinji Nojima script. It's an entertaining romance with some serious undertones and lots of ice hockey action. Haru (spelled Halu on his uniform to provide a more exotic touch) idolizes his first coach, Anzai, played by Saburo Tokito, who, like Yukari, is also killed off in the very first episode. But he hovers over the story and Haru's life as he tries to cope with the new irritating coach played by Koichi Sato. One of the things Anzai has instilled in him is that he can't fall in love. Romance has to be a game during his serious playing career. He has no trouble following those rules until he meets Aki. It starts out as a game as his friends pick up her friends and he observes that she may be one of those rare, old-type Japanese girls who is not so quickly picked up or toyed with. This makes the game more enticing because that is the kind of woman he really wants. When Haru finds she is waiting for a long-gone boyfriend to return, he suggests they should just hang out together until then. Since neither wants to get serious, it will be safe for both of them. She sees through this line but agrees. This one will keep viewers coming back game after game. Four goals!"

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