Tuesday, April 19, 2005

~Love Generation~

Even this drama is not the latest from Takuya Kimura but for me this drama will never be forgotten...Just like Pride this drama will remain in our memory once we watch it...

Takuya Kimura as Katagiri Teppei is a creative agent who have been transfered to marketing department where he need to change his overall appearance start with his hair, outfit and attitude. Falling in love to an office lady Uesugi Riko but at the same time still can't get rid of his feelings to Mizuhara his future sister in-law and also ex-girlfriend...

Takako Matsu as Uesugi Riko working as an office lady in the marketing department same as Teppei is a a hard working girl, full with spirits and always in search for a new experience. She was dump by her boyfriend and later in love with Teppei.

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