Thursday, January 16, 2014

K-NEWS: Han Ji-min Grunges Out But Still Adorable in New Movie

Actress Han Ji-min has enjoyed unfailing popularity over the years for her portrayal of angelic characters in movies and TV soaps. The 32-year-old has further endeared herself to the public for her humanitarian and charity work off-screen. 

Her ability to shine in any role is evident once again in her latest incarnation as a soju-drinking indie band singer in the movie "The Plan Man," which is due to be released on Thursday. Despite the character's disheveled look and shock of unkempt hair, Han comes across as being as sweet and lovable as ever. 

However, she said she decided to make the movie to expand her acting horizons in a bid to avoid being typecast.

"I've always played women who were very feminine and innocent, or spirited and cheerful, in TV dramas," she said. "But I'm tired of taking on these kinds of roles now. I think my real fans want to see me try a new challenge and experiment with different roles.

"I wanted to play a woman with a strong personality, so the role of a free-spirited vocalist in a band was very appealing." 

She said the road to stardom had been painful at times as it had taken a while for her to sharpen her acting skills.

"When I started out I was criticized a lot for my acting. It depressed me, because I felt like I was inconveniencing the others on the set. But now I'm much more confident. Once I got past the age of 30 I started worrying less about what others thought of me, because it felt absurd to let such thoughts hold me back," she said. 

"The Plan Man" revolves around a man with an obsessive-compulsive disorder who cannot go through a day without meticulously planning out his entire schedule in advance. A free-spirited indie singer played by Han helps him change his ways and win over the woman he has developed a secret crush on.

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