Monday, January 13, 2014

HAPPY 2014!

HAPPY 2014!

Hahaha okay it's not funny. I know...
그것은 오랜만이야.... I wonder how your 2013 goes? is it good? is it lovely? did anyone fall in love and get married?
Well I hope I'm changing my status last year but "TENG!" I'm still single  :(
Well it's not that bad I'm still kicking, loveable and available kekeke~

Eventhough I've been MIA all this while, I'm still doing my old things... you know like all of you, watching, searching, updating(in my brain), falling in love, crushing, hating, tearing, laughing and feel alive with all my fav. Korean things...

So what do 2013 brings me? A LOT!

Wait till I update my shortest review of 2013. You'll gonna nod your head, smile and cry at the same time.

Oh gosh! I thought I'm going to stay loyal with my KIM TAN but I'm falling in love again... this time it's DO MIN JOON. Before I leave here a picture of my new crush :)

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