Wednesday, March 7, 2012



I know... all of you might wonder what happens to this blog?  
Hahaha... guess what... I've been wondering the same thing here.
What is wrong with it? 

Well I'm once again back to my hectic schedule... 24 hours feels so shorts nowadays.
I'm sorry for giving more excuses than do something. 
I'll try... to put some update... I'm currently working on my brain to put some thoughts on certain dramas that I've watched and still watching. I'll try to put up my thoughts soon.

So to my favorite people... I'm sorry. 
I'll make it by giving you a link to my other site... this is where you may DL any albums you want, and make a request to... Believe me I'm updating it regularly compare to this. Just let me know you've been there. And I'm seriously looking forward to have some communication with all of you.

Here is the link.
(Let me know if the link is broken)

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