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Shin Hwa: ‘We Will Become Longest-Lived Idol Group’

The group Shin Hwa will make a comeback after a four-year break by holding commemorative concert to celebrate their 14th anniversary from March 24 until 25. Shin Hwa said, “We will celebrate upcoming anniversaries even after the 14th anniversary as we will become a longest-lived singing group who is holding activities in the center of the music industry.“

The longest-lived idol group Shin Hwa who had dominates the music industry at the end of the 1990s along with the group H.O.T will make a comeback. They debuted in March, 1998 with their first official album entitled “Resolver,” and they began to take a break after finishing the concert to celebrate the 10th anniversary in March, 2008 as some of the group members had to join the army. And they will make a comeback with their tenth album that will be released this month. At the press conference held at CGV Cheongdam Cine City on March 5, the members all said, “We will have an attitude of rookie singers.” The leader of the group Eric said, “We want to show that something old is not necessarily treated as merely an old and old-fashioned thing. We want to prove that it can also be very stylish. For our fans who grow old with Shin Hwa members, we will show that any master piece cannot be created within a day. When we released our previous albums including special, mini, and seasonal albums, we usually missed the deadline before, but this time we exactly kept the deadline thanks to all group members’ devotion. You can anticipate this new album.”

Shin Hwa’s tenth official album includes 11 songs. All the six group members participated in producing the album as writers, composers, and directors, and popular artists from home and abroad such as Yoon Il Sang, Kim Do Hyun, Jeong Jae Yoon from the group Solid, and Aziatix also participate in producing the album. These days, singing groups usually tend to release single or mini album, but Shin Hwa released their official album. Asked whether they felt any pressure about releasing an official album, Lee Min Woo answered, “We did not even concerned about it. We just planned to release an official album because we basically thought that we have to satisfy our fans who have been waiting our comeback.” The genre of the title song is electronica which Shin Hwa had never tried before. Eric confidently said, “As we had never sung electronica before, we had worried how it would sound like, but both the song and the choreography looked very satisfactory. The new album also contains ballad and dance music that we have shown up to now besides a new trial by singing new genre. You might be able to feel the past, present, and future appearances of Shin Hwa with the new album.” Lee Min Woo added, “We tried to keep our own music style while trying to present varied music. Like a buffet dinner, you might be able to choose different songs from our album and feel different charms and impressions from them.”

 Shin Hwa debuted in 1998 and released many hit songs such as “T.O.P,” “Wild Eyes,” and “Perfect Man.” Any group member has not been changed up to now for the past 14 years, and they are recorded as the longest-lived idol group. What is the secret that they can form and keep the group as they are for such a long time? Kim Dong Wan answered, “Many people asked the same questions, but actually there is no secret. I just think that we have been lucky. Some group disbanded due to trivial arguments among group members and due to members’ individual activities, but we rather had better harmony and teamwork through those processes. We all thought that we could keep this group as we all had responsibilities as a group member. No member regards his individual activities as more important and no member only put more importance on group activities than individual activities. I think that this kind of mindset of the group members might be the secret.”

Many capable junior singing groups including Big Bang also made a comeback last month, and it was very curious what kind of strategy the Shin Hwa will have to compete with the other idol groups. The members said, “We will just focus on showing what we have as Shin Hwa members. There are many excellent junior idol groups who have better abilities, and we sometimes admire their performance. We also thought about how we have to compete with those excellent groups, but we concluded that we have to show what we have.” Eric continued, “It is important to follow the trend, but more important thing is that we have to keep our own brand that can make people recognize our music after listening, which is our goal.”

Shin Hwa will hold a commemorative concert entitled “The Return” to celebrate their 14th anniversary at Olympic Gymnasium from March 24 until 25. The 20,000 tickets for the concert were all sold out within only 40 minutes after beginning of ticket sales on February 13. Shin Hye Sung said, “When we held the concert to celebrate our 10th anniversary in March, 2008, we had promised to our fans that we will make a comeback after our group members completed military obligation, and now we have come to keep our promise. This concert means something to us.” After finishing their concert in Seoul, Shin Hwa will begin their Asia concert tour in China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand. In addition, they will host their own entertainment program with their own name entitled “Shin Hwa Broadcasting” on JTBC. Jeon Jin said, “We have always wanted to host a program that has own name. We might be able to see our different appearances on this program. We filmed the first episode last Saturday and I was deeply touched after watching our members who were doing their best while filming. We will present cheerful and lively appearance on the program only with our individual members’ charms. We will show our everlasting appearances in the future. I personally hope that the junior singing groups will have new hopes after looking at our activities. We will become a group who write a new history.”

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