Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kung Fu Dunk

Story Plot

The film revolves around an orphaned boy who grew up in a Kun Fu university and becomes a talented basketball player. The youngster, Fang Shi Jie (Jay Chou) grew up at the Kung-Fu School. He practiced excellent Kung-Fu and is equipped with good skills. When he is punished by his principal to stay on the streets for one night, he demonstrates his incredible accuracy to a down-and-out hustler, Wang Li. On the pretext of helping him search for his family, Wang Li invites him to play basketball at 'First University' as the new star of its basketball team. Meanwhile, Wang Li capitalizes on media interest in Shi-Jie to make money via interviews and news articles.

After joining the basketball team, Shi-Jie finds that Li-Li whom he had admired for a long time is the sister of Ting Wei (Bo-Lin Chen), the leader of the basketball team. Shi Jie is desperate to draw her attention. Therefore, he attempts to compete with Xiao Lan (By Baron Chen), who is Li-Li's idol. The competition between Shi Jie and Xiao Lan generates an unstable atmosphere within the team. After Ting Wei counsels Shi Jie, the basketball team becomes more unified. Meanwhile, he helped Shi Jie combine his foundation of Kung-Fu skills into basketball techniques, which in turn brings his skills into full play and helps the team win many rounds of the inter-varsity tournament.

By the time of the finals, the major competitor faced by Shi Jie and his team members is the team led by Lee Tien. Lee used to be on the First University basketball team alongside Ting Wei and Xiao Lan, but became arrogant and was lured to their competitor's camp. The competing team comprised of players who had been banned from all basketball games in Japan. The competing university also bribed the referee of the final game. Although Wang Li had enlisted the aid of Shi Jie's kung-fu teachers, the opposing team had put in place a number of measures to prevent First University from winning, up to and including injuring First University's star players Shi-Jie, Ting Wei and Xiao Lan. Thus, due to both unscrupulous fouls from the opposing team and the referee's biased decisions and outright interference, First University is defeated. Unwilling to admit defeat to such unjust conditions, Shi Jie recalls a technique his first teacher had utilized, and manages to turn back the clock. Eventually, First University wins fair and square.

My Review:

It's cool...Finally I watch it...after several days watching the trailer on tv I manage myself to watch the movie...can't believe that they invented Kung Fu in basketball too...but I like it Big Smile

I always love basketball...well because I think it's cool...I read Slam Dunk, Fans of All Stars...NBA...well that's it...and I'm Jay Chow fans that for sure...

Jay's character quite fresh in here...rather than being cool he look cute and funny...especially when he smile and do the "peace" sweet...

If you guyz love watching Shaolin Soccer than this also worth to watch...other than Jay, Baron and Liu Geng Hong also give us a great view...Eric Tsang as always the great actors...the character also funny and nice...meanwhile Charlene doesn't show any different from her previous movie (no comment)...

stars for this movie...why?  well the soundtrack cool...the effects cool...the actors cool, the story line cool and of coz because I like it...

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