Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Old Miss Diary


Yae Ji-won as Mi-jia

Ji Hyun-woo as Ji hyun-woo

and so on hehehe I can only mention them...

Well this movie is about a lady in her 32 years old (why is it suddenly everyone turnout to be 32?)... Choi Mi-ja struggles to find hope in her wretched life. She tries to grab any chance to make a living as a radio performer, but she gets few chances to show off her talent. She wants to have a great boyfriend, but almost all the men she dates dump her - without giving a reason. Her doomsday conclusion about her life is that there is little, if any, chance for her to live happily ever after with an extremely handsome man. How slim? Mi-ja’s ballpark figure is less than the survival rate of a plane crash or being hit by lightening.


The best part of this movie was not about Mi-jia...well that's what I think...I really love the three siblings old lady character...who have found out that they have miss so many things...and realize that at their age there is something that they never really done and feel...

I have to rate this as a 3 from 5 star...Why 3? coz there is some plot that I just don't understand especially the relationship between Mi-jia and Ji Hyun-woo...how exactly their relationship begin and what make Ji Hyun-woo fall for Mi-jia...it was not clear enough for me and that's make me feel unsatisfied at all...(well, that's what I think...different person will get it differently...)

other than that it was good...funny, sad, hmm just good...

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