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Coffee Prince 1st Shop

Argh...I know it's not done yet...but I can't help it...the drama was so great that make me wanna tell u how great it was hahaha...

At first I really thought that Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) don't want to get married that make her disguised as a guy...but it was not...In this drama the one that don't want to get married is Choi Han Kyul (Gong Yoo)...

Go Eun Chan talk, walk, work and even dress like a guy...and she first met with Choi Han Kyul when she's on her daily routine job as a food deliveries. They once again met by accident when Go Eun Chan trying to help Han Yoo Joo (Chae Jung Ahn) from a theft (turn out to be someone she knew) who was at that time were waiting for Choi Han Kyul. After the incident, Go Eun Chan lost her job and at the same time she have a lot of burden on her shoulder and everything has change for her.

Choi Han Kyul who are force by his mother and grandmother to settle down and started meeting different girl everyday in order for him to get married had mistaken Go Eun Chan as a guy from the first time they have met...and he even ask Go Eun Chan be his fake lover...and make all the ladies believe that he is a gay. They become closer even if they did not realize it...

CHK grandmother realize that it's not easy to let CHK stay and settle down so she once again doing it by force which is by handling over a cafe and make him work together with Hong Manager (he is an unbelievable person *urgh*)...and once again CHK and GEC work together and this time they work in a same cafe...

There is up side down for GEC...she have to pretend like a guy all the time. Falling in love with CHK cousin Choi Han Sung (Lee Sun Gyun) but again gave up when she realize that he already have someone and she is Han Yoo Joo...

Meanwhile CHK who silently love HYJ...started to have a different feelings to GEC...and that's actually freak him out...he can't even focus on his work and he even think that he had turn out into a gay...

When this two people become closer, have a fight, and started to keep a secret...they actually fall in love but in a difficult way...argh!!! 

At first, CHK trying so hard to convince himself that the feelings that he have towards GEC is not love but the harder he tried the feelings become stronger...trying to overcome the feelings he ask GEC to be his brother...and GEC accept it with an open long as they could be together anything will do...but still things does not happened as easier as they thought...CHK still can't avoid what he feels to GEC and it's actually hurt him they have fight again and at last he told GEC that he don't care what GEC is... be a man or alien he still love her...

I would like to write what ever happened next in here...but I'm not gonna do that...go and watch it this is great...

sorry guyz...I know I have spoiled it out...but it's just a brief review if I can say so hahaha...

The Cast:

Choi Han Kyul (29y.o.) President of Coffee Prince. Heir of Dongin Foods. A pretty boy who dresses sharply.

'How could I kiss that poor-looking, overdressed kid?!'

He washes his mouth with Listerine but he cannot forget the disgust of that moment. The moment when their lips touched…

He is smart and witty but he is a restless soul who cannot commit himself to one line of work.

He is a self-absorbed person and he doesn't like bothering other people nor does he like being bothered himself. 

He is an independent person and he shows no interest in the lives of other people. But deep inside, he is a warm person.

There are many things to do in life but he doesn't want to be stuck with inheriting the family business. 

His grandmother forces him to manage Coffee Prince one day...

Unable to disobey his grandmother, he discovers the rich aroma of coffee while working at Coffee Prince and he also
falls in love with the unpredictable Eun-chan...

Go Eun-chan (24y.o.) Taekwondo instructor, Coffee Prince employee. A strong-willed young lady

"Who cares if you're a man or a woman. You have to make a living, you know..."

One day, she meets a handsome man who makes her wish that she could look attractive like a lady... When she walks down the streets of Myung-dong, young girls will shriek and stare at her pretty boy looks. But she's not a boy. She's a woman who has a black belt in Taekwondo and talks in a husky voice like a guy.

After her father passed away, her family was able to make ends meet through the help of relatives for 8 years. She supports her family who live in a small one-room rooftop apartment.

Since her father loved the taste of coffee, she developed an uncanny ability of telling apart different coffee just from smelling them. 

Later on, she finds a job at Coffee Prince. She aims to become a barista one day. To reach her career goals, she first has to deal with the cold and aloof Han-gyeol who she finds herself falling for...

Choi Han-Seong (32y.o.) Musician. A charming man with a soft smile.

Yoo-joo left his life. He was angry at her and felt betrayed. But his feelings for her have also changed. He was just incapable of handling a separation...

He is Han-gyeol's cousin. He is a stubborn artist who has a romantic side and easy-going personality.

When he meets strangers, he greets them with a friendly smile and talks freely about a range subjects with them but he never reveals his inner feelings.

He stays away from the family business unlike his family members and relatives and finds himself as the outcast of the family, which makes him a lonely soul. He comforts his soul by turning to music.

He is in control of every aspect of his professional career and is good at what he does but due to his past relationship with Yoo-joo, he is not comfortable around woman. So when he meets Eun-chan, who has a pleasant smile and puts people at ease, he is immediately attracted to her...

Han Yoo-joo (30y.o.) Artist, Painter

Being free from the desire to have true freedom! 

She madly sings and dances while also madly falling in love.
And she wants to be free from all those mad habits of hers.

She is a passionate woman.
Her alluring hair seems to have the powers of Samson.
Each strand of hair seems to give her a wicked intellect.
She is a free-spirited nonconformist. She is liberal, sexy and very delicate.
Because of her nonconforming attitude, it is easy for her to make new friends but they also find her personality to be too liberal.

Although she is never intimidated by anything in life, she has a tender soul and is emotionally vulnerable.
Although she loved Choi Han-sung, she left him to go to New York and pursue her passion for painting.
She later realizes that she is still in love with Han-sung and returns to Seoul but Han-sung does not take her back...

Kim Dong Wook as Chin Ha Rim (25y.o.). a designer, Coffee Prince employee, a playboy.

Kim Jae Wook as No Sun Ki (25y.o.) Has experience working at a host bar, popular with older women.

Eon as Hwang Min Yeop (20y.o.) Eun Sae's admirer (R.I.P)

Kim Chang Wan as Mr Hong (44y.o.) ex-Coffee Prince president

Park Won Sook as Eun Chan's mother (47y.o.) Charming and beautiful.

Han Yeh In as Go Eun Sae (19y.o.) Eun Chan's younger sister

Kim Young Ok as Han Kyul's grandmother (late 70's) founder of Choi Ka Yuk enterprise

Kim Ja Ok as Han Kyul's mother (early 50's) Cool hip mother.

Choi Il Hwa as Han Kyul's father (mid-50's)

Lee Han Wie as Mr. Ku, the butcher that likes Eun Chan's mother..

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