Thursday, June 28, 2007

Truly Love / Really Really Like You

I don't really know what the other might think about this drama...coz I believe everyone have different interest...but for me the writers and the director really make it good...every details is there...if people think My Name Is Kim Sam Soon is something happened in real life...then this one goes the same...every character that in this drama is everyone of might not like Full House or something like My Girl...but for me...this one is just good ^__^

This a story that focus around a country girl Yeo Bong-soon (Eugene), who live in a far far away village with her beloved grandma and fate has bring Jang Jun-won (Ryu Jin) and Nam Bong Ki (Lee Min-ki) to her.

(Lee Min Ki as Nam Bong Ki)

(Eugene as Yeo Bong Soon)

(Ryu Jin as Jang Jun Won)

Yeo Bong-soon started her new life and move to seoul since the death of her grandmother. Facing lot of difficulties and been trying hard to find her parents. With the caring that Jang Jun-won showed to her she finally learn to love but without knowing the truth identity of Jang Jun-won. Nam Bong-ki at the same time have to face Yeo Bong-soon 27 hrs and have a fight almost every time they see each other slowly learn to love someone. This triangle love that involve around the presidential residence show us how people around the Blue House works, relationship, socialize and move with their life.

For me, this drama is good maybe too good...not only focusing on the love triangle but also show how some people get some people think differently...and how some people control their nerve or how some people face their problem...I think this drama had try their best to not slip away any character and every character in here is an important character...started from the bodyguard to the reporter...they have their own way to tell us how life supposed to move on...

I like the way it make me laugh and felt sad deep down but still full of laughter... 5 star for this one. 

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