Monday, April 16, 2007

200 Pounds Beauty

Ok as I write on my video site...this movie is really would like to watch something like open I'm not trying to tell you that plastic surgery is a good idea...but what I really want to say happy to be who you are...

I think this is what the script writer trying to tell us especially for the moviegoers...I won't ask for much such as if the love life of Han-na after plastic surgery will be better or else.
..but what I really like is how a person can handle their life problem and manage everything as who there are...

If you're looking for something that could really move you... this is the movie...with the great song they put in...I think it was so
 great...go and watch it guys...believe me u'll love it.
Review's credit goes to: Yoo Seung-gi (poppingp)
Kang Han-na, played by Kim Ah-chung, is a fat and unattractive girl who sings
 back stage for a professional singer with a pretty face but no talent. Kang is so good-natured that she does phone-sex as a part-time job in order to earn medical expenses for her mentally-handicapped father.

Kang has a crush on music producer Han Sang-jun, played by Joo Jin-mo, but she fails to attract him because of her appearance. At his birthday party, Kang overhears Han tell the pretty-faced singer that Kang is just an item that is meant to be used when useful. Heartbroken after hearing this, Kang decides to undergo plastic surgery from head to toe before rising to stardom with the fake 
name of Jenny. In her first concert, however, Kang confesses everything, including the fact that she is not Jenny but Kang, and that she went through plastic surgery. Kang fails as Jenny, but succeeds as Kang Han-na, eventually gaining love from Han.

"200 Pounds Beauty" is a typical "cinderella story" with a happy ending. Against all odds, Kang wins the love of a handsome and promising prince even after Han comes to know the truth, and she becomes a popular singer. Kang has a good nature and pure heart as well as perfect appearances.

While watching the movie with its obvious ending, however, I was deeply impressed with Kang's "success" story, and, especially during the concert
 scene, I was not able to stop bursting into tears because of my sympathy and compassion for her.

Even though "200 Pounds Beauty" seems an old-fashioned movie, why was I so deeply moved after watching it? First, I think the movie has a good story, although some critics say that it is not a well-made film. Some comedy films try to excessively squeeze out laughs from viewers. However, "200 Pounds Beauty" is mainly focused on Kang's love for Han, adding some comic components into the right places at the right time. This 
film is a melodrama rather than a comedy, succeeding in bringing about natural and non-excessive laughs.

Second, the film gives some warm feelings, showing that the whole heart from the bottom of a good-natured person could be transmitted to another person. Of course, it would be improbable in reality for an ordinary girl both to have lots of cash to go through extensive plastic surgery and to become naturally beautiful like the main actress in the film. In addition, I'm not sure that one person's sincerity can be delivered to others in most cases.

While watching the film, however, I can escape from a reality 
into the world of warmhearted and humane friends, family, and lovers. It is always doubtful in reality whether the real world is cold, but I can for sure feel warm from the bottom of my heart in such a film that a good-natured person both wins love personally and gains fame socially. During and after watching this movie, I felt happy and "warm" from my heart.

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