Sunday, March 27, 2005

~Memories Of Bali~

I've watch this drama series not so long ago...well the ending maybe not as what as usual that we've seen...but for me it's ok as long as the story is not boring...

Well some of us will thought it was a love story or even a madness...but as long as you understand what was the story about it was a good story and for me the character is something that we never thought that some people will have...but the true is...this is life...

The story revolves around four people who have different character and different background, which conflict arise when the four met in Bali.

~Ha Ji Won~
Ha Ji Won (Lee Soo Jung)

Lee Soo Jung born in a poor family and raise by her only brother after lost both of her parents. Lee Soo Jung is a very hardworking person and love money more than herself. She is willing to do anything in order to move out from her poor life.

~Jo In Sung~

Jo In Sung (Jung Jae Min)

Jung Jae Min in the other hand is born from a wealthy family and live his life shadowed by his own brother. His character is much more to a person who followed accordingly to whatever his parents want him to be or to do. However, Jung Jae Min is not the favor son in the family. His encounter with Lee Soo Jung & Kang In Wook has changed his life.

~So Ji Sub~
So Ji Sub ( Kang in Wook)

Kang In Wook is a cold hearted person. Born in a broken family. He has his own agenda and live his life to get what he want. Was once in love with Choi Young Joo but have to end theri relationship after having so much trouble with Choi Young Joo parents.

~Park Ye Jin~
Park ye Jin (Choi Young Joo)

Choi Young Joo is born in a wealthy family, she is pretty, smart, and brave. Her character give us the idea of a girl who willing to do anything to get what she want and to protect what belongs to her.

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