Sunday, August 3, 2014

Will Mc Mong Comeback to Variety Show?

I wish to see him in variety show. I love his songs and I love his comical appearance... Just let him comeback. Wish there is no stupid issue brings up to shut him down again.

"MC Mong's comeback as a singer has been nearly confirmed for fall, and people are wondering whether or not he'll also make a comeback in a show variety program. There has been a mention of MC Mong working with Na Young Suk director, because they've worked together for "1 Night 2 Days" together before.
In response, Na Young Suk said, "I've never spoke with MC Mong about a new program. We sometimes meet with the old 2 Days 1 Night members and speak about working together again, but that's about it."
In the past, Na Young Suk and MC Mong have reached over a 40 percent rating with "2 Days and 1 Night," proving their fantastic interaction.
However, MC Mong said he will concentrate more on this music comeback rather than TV programs.
MC Mong's agency said, "MC Mong is currently finishing up the last of his music works in the United States. He will show a variety of different music."
The press wasn't as kind to MC Mong's comeback. Because his break from the industry was due to an issue regarding the army, which is one of the most sensitive issues in Korea, it won't be easy for MC Mong to stand up for himself."
Source: kpopstarz

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