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Rain- "At first I got doubted, Who is he?"

I Approved. A year ago when Rain(27·Jung Ji-Hoon) debuted in Hollywood by playing a supporting role in 'Speed Racer', it looked challengeable.

There were a lot of negative views, "How much would an asian actor especially who was a singer originally succeed in Hollywood?".

In 'Ninja Assassin' coming out on the 26th, the 'Rain' counterattacks to those pessimism. Most of all, one thing is certain that he finished his role with strong sincerity and positive mind in his first Hollywood lead role.

'Ninja Assassin' was directed by the Wachowski brothers('The Matrix') and Joel Silver ('Die Hard' and 'Lethal Weapon'), and produced by James McTeigue (`V for Vendetta').

Rain played 'Raizo' who got trained in Ninja group to be an assassin since his childhood, but turned back from them because of suffering from his merciless murders. I met him in the morning on the 10th.

- It's your first lead role. Don't you have any pressure because this film is a cruel action?

"If it's not cruel, then it wouldn't be different from other action films. I bet this kind of action film didn't exist after 'Kill Bill' directed by Quentin Tarantino.

To show a totally new character and actions which had never seen before was the Wachowski brothers' ambition. We considered how I could look different from other action stars like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan.

We tried taking advantage of my tall height(6.1 feet), getting more muscles, using new weapons like a chain or lance.

I became the 'murdering machine', 'Raizo' by practicing not only Taekwondo, but boxing, Karate, Kung Fu, Ushu, yamakasi, trampoline, and so on. I also learned Acrobatic.

Now I know where I should hit to make the opponent not breathe and hurt most. After I saw the complete version of this film, the actions were so cool that I couldn't believe the actor was me." (smile)

- Why Ninja? There are some views that the character is a bit plain.

"The Wachowski brothers told me: 'Let's make a character of which feeling is varying whenever we see him', 'I will focus more on close-ups than on full shots.'

They asked me to keep expressing anger and revolt in any hard action scenes. I also had a specialized coach to teach me a facial acting. I agree on that I didn't show my internal-acting much.

However 'Ninja Assassin' is an entertaining film for enjoying the spectacular action. It could be boring if we only enjoy a dance singer's splendid appearance and dance. It is hard to show both."

In the beginning of the movie, there is a scene which shows that he pushed up with handstand on a panel where nails were stuck crowdedly.

For him, it was an 'Infinite Challenge' for 8 months. "At first I couldn't even make it once. I complained wondering why they asked me to. 4 after a month, 10 after two months, and then I did 20 times after three months.

-Didn't you feel lonely on the set? Did you feel any differences between a lead role and a supporting role?

"Everyone was so nice to me that I couldn't feel it. Because I am young, I didn't feel any pressure when I asked something I didn't know. When I heard a new word that I hadn't known before, I wrote it down in my phone and then later I looked into it with a dictionary.

Because Hollywood system is so systematic, actors and actresses are divided by 10 groups depending on their importance. No.1 is a lead role. I was 10 in 'Speed Racer', but 1 in this film.

I got served a meal earliest. 'Do you want pepper or not in a fish dish?' 'Want a basil(a kind of Herb)?', 'Are you hungry much now?' It is even annoying to ask me those many questions.

When shooting, even when I said 'Ah!', an insurance staff, a massager, a physician approached me immediately. How much would they be sensitive because if a lead role actor gets an injury, that means exceeding the budget."(smile)

- What is a lesson you learned from the two Hollywood experience?

"Global stage is like a rough wave. If we stay conveniently or do what we want to do, then we float away soon. In Hollywood, we wouldn't succeed unless we kill any others.

Rain of Korea, or Rain of Asia don't work here. Someone in the medium has to work to connect Rain and Hollywood. Who would refuse the Wachowski brothers of 'The Matrix', the famous producer Joel Silver?

First I'm satisfied that 'Rain' will be known as 'Ninja Assassin' in the global market. A box office success is next. I'm still young. Being young is my weapon"(smile)

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Brief translation y rain bird.

* Seriously can't wait for the movie... after reading so many articles of him being so workaholic and leaving his youth and achieve so many things... I really want to be part of all the people who approved and says you've work hard...

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